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Daisy Lane is not just about sustainability for our planet, but sustainability for its own sake. 

All of Daisy Lane's garments are handmade, hand dyed and sewed by Pinar Akdogan and her team, our in house knitters and seamstresses. Pinar teaches three other women knitting and sewing through a charity she started to help victims of domestic abuse make their own income, helping them separate from their abusers and support themselves. So, when you are buying Daisy Lane you are directly helping these women establish their personal freedom. Pinar is a dedicated social worker and craftswoman, who pours her heart into Daisy Lane's garments. 

Freedom of self through hours of work, expressing itself through Daisy Lane

Daisy Lane's designs rely heavily on chasing the idea of a free spirit, creative freedom and the process of creating garments that put us in the flow state. Since one piece takes us anywhere between a day to a week to make, the energy we transmit through our creation process lends itself on to our garments, therefore to you, the beautiful person wearing it. Our garments are about breaking free from limitations, finding your higher self and living your own truth, and we want you to be able to see this not only in our designs, but feel it when you wear Daisy Lane. We hope our garments make you feel like your best self, transferring our energy and thoughts about freedom to you, through our handmade clothing.

We hand dye, and hand knit all knitwear.

We screen print by hand at our studio for all graphic garments.

All our garments are made sustainably by 4 (four) women working in house, making livable wages.

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